Retaining Wall Warranty

We believe our customers deserve to have peace of mind when choosing to work with us. That's why we offer an extended warranty that will protect your investment for up to 25 additional years.

1 Year Workmanship Warranty

New retaining wall installations have a one year workmanship warranty starting at the date of installation. Any defects due to our workmanship will be corrected at no cost to the customer(s). Your contract will provide more details.

Extended Warranty

We offer an optional extended warranty for most of our newly installed retaining walls and even some of the ones we have repaired. This warranty covers both the workmanship and materials, which is something most contractors can't provide because their walls won't hold up and most homeowners insurance do not cover faulty materials or workmanship.

All you have to do is schedule a yearly inspection for the health of your retaining wall and any problems are fixed immediately before they turn into bigger problems.

Not all customers are eligible for an extended warranty (although most are) due to conditions outside of our control. This could be problems with the location, buildings or trees near the site. Once we evaluate your property, we can let you know if this warranty is an option for you.

**The extended warranty is transferable to new property owners. This is valuable if you are planning to sell your home or property.