Doggett Mountain Stone in Leicester, NC

Project Info

    Initially, we were hired by the son-in-law to pressure wash this stucco home located in Leicester, North Carolina, as a Father’s Day gift. After speaking to the homeowner, we agreed on enhancing his curb appeal to increase his property value with a Doggett stone retaining wall and several other hardscaping and landscaping services. I absolutely loved working on this project and the family was amazing, to say the least.

    Over 80 Thousand Pounds Of Stone

    We hauled over 80 thousand pounds of North Carolina Doggett Mountain Stone that had been located on a local property my grandfather passed down to me. We built the stone retaining walls 3 feet high with the longest wall being 148 feet and added an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, patio, and stairway that provided the homeowner access to the side of his property. We also covered the garage siding and existing concrete stairway with a beautiful Mountain Mist flagstone veneer. This added over 4 thousand square feet of living space and a wonderful return on his investment.

    Please excuse the image quality. These were taken before higher-end camera phones, lol.

    Landscaping Tasks Completed

    • Transplanted Evergreen trees to another property
    • Planted small garden for his wife
    • Planted small shrubs and trees
    • Added mulch

    Hardscaping Tasks Completed

    • Tore down an 8 to 10-foot cinder block wall
    • Built a stairway to give the homeowner access to part of his property
    • Built outdoor kitchen with grill
    • Built outdoor living space
    • Built outdoor fire pit
    • Built multi-tiered North Carolina Doggett Mountain stone retaining walls in front and back/side yard
    • Replaced the “baby poles” (homeowner’s term) with stone columns
    • Installed Mountain Mist Flagstone Veneers on the side of home
    • Installed Mountain Mist Flagstone Veneers to existing concrete stairway
    • Added tile to existing deck

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