Chimney Rock Landscaping Design Expands Backyard Space for Entertainment

Project Info

    We were called to do a Chimney Rock landscaping design project for a beautiful home overlooking the North Carolina mountains. The homeowners wanted to have access to his backyard for an entertainment area which required a new entryway to the back of the property.

    Homeowners in Chimney Rock mountain homes are often confined to using a small section of their yard due to the slopes, but retaining walls can open up this area and create more space for you to enjoy.

    Split Face Retaining Walls

    Split face block retaining walls offer an outstanding structure reinforcement and are typically the size of a standard concrete block with one side designed with a rough texture that artistically creates shadows. These walls are durable and come in many different colors or can be painted to match the home.

    We built a pressure-treated staircase that runs along the side of the home and connects to a curved split face block, retaining wall, and a beautiful stone patio. Now he has a beautiful entertainment area with views of the Carolina mountain tops.

    Do You Need More Useable Land for Your Mountain Home?

    We can help you make more of your mountain land usable space for entertaining your family and friends, or even a pet area. Call us today to set up and home assessment.

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