Landscaping Transformation for Backyard Soil Erosion Landslide Waynesville, NC

Project Info

    This homeowner called us saying “Oh, no! My wall is about to go hellllp!”

    The cabin was built very well, but the contractor did not backfill the back of the property and the land was sliding away every time it rained. It was just a matter of time before his deck would have been destroyed and then possibly the home.

    Landslides can be very frightening and destructive. Soil can erode easily around hillsides and slopes which is very common in the Carolina mountains. A common soil erosion is caused by water erosion, which is the loss of soil due to water.

    We built a 110 foot natural gray boulder retaining wall. Each of the granite builders weighted upwards of 4,000 pounds! We had to carry each rock one at a time up the traitorous hill. This job was insane and dangerous. It took us more time getting the materials to the job site than it did the job itself.

    We wanted to transform his backyard so him and his wife could really enjoy their beautiful property. They are true heroes of this country and have given (and still are) their lives to protect and serve our land. I’m so very honored to have done work the two of them. I will forever be in debt to them for the service they provide.

    We added on to their existing deck and provided stairs leading to the backyard that they were not able to access before. We also built a stone walkway.

    Ivan had this to say:

    “All around tremendous experience from beginning to end. It seems my review is going to sound similar to many others and that is b/c Ryan and his crew continue to deliver consistent quality work. First and foremost, my wife and I were searching for someone to build a suitable retaining wall for our cabin.

    He transformed our property into a completely different home and getaway. We cannot be any happier or pleased with the outcome of his work and the craftsmanship of his crew. They didn’t leave behind a mess or trash. The property is in better condition than when they started. Bottom line, he continued to go above and beyond what was expected and he always had our best interest in mind. I will close with one final comment. Ryan is a BIG supporter of our nation’s military. He understands the sacrifice being made by service members and he personally guaranteed that my wife and I would be absolutely blown away by the final product….and he was right; we are. Thank you Ryan and thank you to your crew!”

    Homeowner had a beautiful home overlooking the mountains in Chimney Rock, North Carolina. He did not have access to his backyard and wanted an entertainment area and a new entry way to the back of the property.

    We built a pressure-treated staircase that runs along the side of the home and connects to a curved split face block retaining wall and beautiful stone patio. Now he has a beautiful entertainment area with views of the Carolina mountain tops!

    Split face block retaining walls offer an outstanding structure reinforcement and are typically the size of a standard concrete block with one side designed with a rough texture that artistically creates shadows. These walls are durable and come in many different colors.

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