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Why run to and fro from the house when you can have everything outside?

The outdoor kitchen has been trending more and more through recent years. People prefer to have BBQ and food cooked outside of the home during gatherings with friends, family, or neighbors. The atmosphere looks cheerful, and you can interact with everyone. Even a small reunion can become fun in the open air. If you have a porch, deck, or patio, you can take advantage of the space to have a simple grill or stove.

stone outdoor kitchen with sink and patio

What Should You Consider Before Getting An Outdoor Kitchen?

Having more does not ensure the best. Even a simple portable gas stove or grill may prove to be enough.

Plan about adding utilities like plumbing, gas, and electricity to the area if needed.

There is a wide variety of styles you can choose from. Just make sure that the design you choose also compliments your home.

As this is not a full kitchen, you do not require appliances like a refrigerator or microwave, so choose an alternative, like a cooler or icebox. Don't forget to get portable fans and heaters for different seasons.

Some people like to have a roof over the head while they are cooking. If you want to, you can install a shade or awning over the area.

Stone counters for outdoor kitchen space with a large metal grill and pool in the background
Outdoor Kitchen Space

Open Space and Entertainment

One of the most significant advantages of an outdoor kitchen is the excess space it comes with. In a typical kitchen, having even a few people can make the place feel crowded. The person doing the work will be stuck in there without any entertainment. Outside, the open space allows you to mingle with everyone while you cook. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and your friends or family will enjoy the experience.

Heat, Odors, and Energy Saving:

When you cook inside, the place will become heated and filled with odors that will not disperse as quickly as you want. In the summers, your AC has to work overtime to maintain a cool temperature and consume more energy. In an outdoor kitchen, portable fans and open space will be enough to solve the heat and smell problem. 

Easy To Clean:

The standard kitchen is always a hassle to clean after a party or gathering. But the mess created while you were cooking can be quickly dealt with in an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are an investment that will most assuredly increase the value of your property.

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"Beautiful Outdoor Space...

We had a very modest idea of changing our current fire pit area and utilizing stone with a small outdoor kitchen space. Ryan was able to provide a functional and aesthetic stone that complimented our home and yard. He gave us two separate functional spaces by adding some grading which ended up being much more attractive. It was also important to us to have the area look natural; not "prefab" and he more than delivered what we initially imagined. His vision and creativity resulted in a beautiful outdoor space for our friends and family. We would definitely recommend him for your next outdoor project.

Stephanie Owens Asheville, North Carolina

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