Landscape Design & Installation Cost

Landscape design means different things to different people. Some think sod and plants while others also consider hardscaping.

There are so many factors that go into pricing a customer's landscape design and installation. Do you just need sod, plants, and bushes installed? Do you need removal? Or maybe you want large trees installed on your new property with an outdoor kitchen and backyard deck?

Also, what are the measurements and characteristics of the yard? If you live in an area where there are lots of slops or drainage issues, it’s going to cost more to prep the worksite.

You can see why it may be hard to answer this question before speaking to you about your project. We can provide you with a ballpark estimate over the phone if you are able to provide us with a few details.

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Large Tree Installation

Do you want a mature landscape? Often homeowners contact us about having large or medium trees planted on their property because they don’t want to have to wait years for a small tree to grow. You can have a mature, beautifully aged lawn in just a few days! Some of our customers' favorite trees they wanted to be planted are Evergreens, Crimson King Maples, Oaks, and Japanese Maples.

Yard Maintenance

We would need to consider yard maintenance during the landscape design planning stage. Some homeowners maintain the yard themselves and others hire companies, so it’s best to consider how much time is needed for proper maintenance. We can also help you in choosing a low-effort landscaping option that still brings curb appeal to your property.

Need Help With Your Landscaping Design Project?

We will collaborate with you to design a breathtaking landscape that will compliment your home and provide long-term value to your property. If you are ready to take the next step, you can call us or fill out a form and we will give you a callback.

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"Beautiful Outdoor Space...

We had a very modest idea of changing our current fire pit area and utilizing stone with a small outdoor kitchen space. Ryan was able to provide a functional and aesthetic stone that complimented our home and yard. He gave us two separate functional spaces by adding some grading which ended up being much more attractive. It was also important to us to have the area look natural; not "prefab" and he more than delivered what we initially imagined. His vision and creativity resulted in a beautiful outdoor space for our friends and family. We would definitely recommend him for your next outdoor project.

Stephanie Owens Asheville, North Carolina

Significance of Landscaping to Improve Overall Value and Curb Appeal of Property

Quality landscaping is significantly helpful to improve the overall appeal and value of property. Well landscaped properties are always considered advantageous to get maximum profit and beauty. The initial effects of landscaping are considered as curb appeal and its effects can be observed within a few seconds of standing near the home. Therefore, this article is focused to highlight the importance of landscaping and different concepts to improve property value.

Budget Requirements

Landscaping does not always require a high budget and extensive efforts but the costs associated with landscaping designing can be adjusted according to budget availability. Moreover, there is greater flexibility in selecting desired vegetation and hardscape components as per personal preferences and requirements. Generally spending 10% of the property value for landscaping is considered an ideal approach to improve value.

Improvement in Property Value

Well-trimmed shrubs and trees offer neat, and cleaner looks to the surroundings and landscapers can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable experience. A tidy and neat landscape is a major benefit for property selling and sellers can expect an increased selling price between 5.5-18%.

Sod install River Rocks Home Biltmore

Elements of Landscaping

Landscaping is beyond the concept of simple plantation and includes ponds, swimming pools, fire pits, gardening paths, fences, and lighting adjustments. Whereas the addition of decks, outdoor rooms, and terraces are exceptionally good to improve home property value by multiple times. Although, these structures require high maintenance and investment but are essentially helpful to add value and curb appeal.

Scientific studies have proven that sophistication of landscaping design is a major factor determining the value perception of home. Therefore, optimal or good investment in landscape designing can greatly optimize the value and optimization of homes and other buildings. Trees are not only important to add beauty to the places but also improves the air quality and privacy. Moreover, it also provides good shade and habitat to the animals and beneficial insects.

Selection of Right Designs

Strategic placement of trees is also helpful to reduce energy bills by lowering the requirements for heating and cooling management. Proper lawn care also helps to earn good gratitude and praise from friends, and neighbors. Keeping grasses in regular shape by proper fertilization, mowing, and watering offers a consistent and more convenient landscaping experience.

Upgradation of landscaping designing is the smartest and best possible way to add privacy and value to the residential and working places. Devising proper landscaping designs and striving for complemented and cohesive looks offers exceptional architecture that does not help to improve mental peace and satisfaction but also adds beauty and value to the property.

Stone Boulder Wall & Firepit Entertainment Areas

Usually, there is the presence of mildew and mold in the improperly managed gardening places and can negatively affect the growing plants and property value. Grass cutting, tree trimming, and caring for flowering plants are also important to maintain the looks and beauty. Therefore, great care should be taken for management and maintenance.

Lighting System

Installation of lighting systems not only improves the value and beauty of buildings but also enhances the security and safety by up-gradation of exterior lighting. Furthermore, the selection of the right fixture not only complements the home but also illuminates the important areas such as sliding doors, side doors, garage, and porch.

Adding Pathways & Walkways

The addition of pathways is a dream landscaping design and adds a good path to the front doors and entrance. Proper management of this element by the addition of greenery and flower vegetation attracts potential buyers by making a good impression.

Landscaping adds eye-catching views and highlights to the property and is an absolute necessity to attract buyers. Moreover, this is an age of science and technology and the majority of people prefer to see property online before visiting or purchasing. So, landscapes can help to improve visibility for sellers due to beautiful pictures online and curb appeal. Landscaping designs can significantly help to gain better visibility of good buyers and sell the home quicker.

New flagstone walkway installation

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Hard & Soft Landscaping

Landscaping is an art of designing and changing the face of an area or a piece of land with ornamental and floricultural plant materials in such a way that gives beautification to add up in the property or an asset. Now the constructional and civil work with attractive designs are efficiently added to improve the aesthetic value, thus referred to as hard landscaping and soft landscaping. The components of fountain, water fall, pathways, gazebo etc are mentioned in hard landscaping.

A particular landscape design and its implementation depend on the owner’s choice, need and preference. In other words, different types of landscaping are adopted in accordance with the market requirement in a society. The examples of few types are; Entertaining, Landscaping, Relaxing, landscaping, Sustainable Landscaping and Kids landscaping. Another aspect of success is the adaptation of a specific landscaping style that offers very high demand from clients. The typical examples are; Tropical, Japanese and English Cottage Landscape.

The design of Tropical Landscaping is based on medium to high dense plantation, especially trees and shrubs of various species, being introduced in a specified area (preferably backyard) that gives a spectacular view and occupying minimum space for lawn or grassy area. Presently a water body in the center of trees/shrubs and a space can be adjusted for tropical kitchen plants of vegetables, fruits and herbs. More ideas can be added in this style, but the Jungle Look of many plants exhibits an extraordinary home landscape.

Japanese Garden Landscape is a fabulous style and is preferred to others because of the balanced blend of the features like greenery and water. All types (small, medium and bigger) of plants are grown in the area with the addition of fountain, waterfall or pond that create serenity, comfort, cozier feel and rhythmic water flow sound falling from the tender heights.

The addition of numerous colors in the form of flowering plant species in your landscaping area is an exclusive style which is termed as English Cottage Landscape. This style is eye catching, highly captivating and demanding in the landscape business. The other hard-landscape elements are quite fit to add up such as ponds, pergola, gazebo and small bridges.

While executing the landscape activates, the plants’ selection as per site location, soil type, climatic condition, topography and importantly the client’s choice is considered the most important to make the design practically aesthetic and acceptable. While selecting flowering plants, annuals, biennials and perennials should be prominently considered. Many bulbous plants add-up elegant beauty in your landscape areas. The trees and shrubs of different shapes and sizes alter the land into paradise. The turf of many kinds makes the face of the lawn into a green carpet that feels like inner comfort and soothing effect. By filling the corners with specific vegetables and seasonal fruits, the extra nutritional benefits are taken. And above all, the introductions of hard-landscape shares architectural art, work of designing and construction which ultimately lead to increase the worth of property manifold. The true potential of your property is realized through landscaping.

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