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How to Grow Cherry Trees in North Carolina

Of all the trees grown across America, cherry trees give heavenly and one of the most elegant views. These plants are grown for the massive aesthetic appeal they provide and their cherished shade. The fruits on a cherry tree are an added advantage, and are known for their luxurious taste and strong aroma.

One of the most beautiful trees our customers request is the cherry tree for their home landscaping. If you have been inspired by these magnificent trees (just like us) and have decided to grow them, then this blog will come in handy.

Decide on the type of cherry tree you want to grow

If you are a resident of North Carolina, then you can choose between different types of cherry fruits. The fertile lands of North Carolina can grow both sweet and sour cherry trees, and therefore it is up to you to decide which type of fruit you want to grow. Cherry trees require a combination of both chilling winter temperatures and humid summer weather, something that is available in the rich terrain of North Carolina.

Provide Ample Water and Sunlight

After the cherry tree has been planted, watering is extremely important for its growth, especially in the first year of growth. Make sure to keep the plant well-watered immediately after its germination.

During the first week of germination, water the plant once every two days. In the second week, deeply water the tree twice.
From the third week onward, you only need to water them once a week - and they will grow just fine

Maintain the Soil Texture and pH

Soil texture and drainage directly affect the growth of a plant. The case of a cherry tree growth is no different. If you want to maximize the chances of fruit, then you should keep the soil well-drained. Poor drainage disrupts normal growth and results in dead trees.

PH is also a crucial factor that maintains the ideal growth pace of a cherry tree. Cherry trees prefer a slightly acidic pH for their growth (6-6.5 to be exact). If the soil pH is less than the recommended value, then you can add lime to keep it at the required level.

Final Thoughts

Growing a cherry tree in North Carolina is a time taking but rewarding experience. These trees take 2-3 years to fruit, but you will only need to keenly monitor them during the early stages of their development. Just make sure that the soil is properly drained and the ambient temperature is provided for its growth.

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