About Us

Hey, how are you doing? My name is Ryan Endres and I thought I would tell you a little about myself and how I got into the retaining wall business.

I grew up in one of the best cities in America, Rockford, Illinois. I lived there most my life and loved my family and friends.

My grandma Edna was country, I tell ya (lol), but we grew very close as I followed her around the garden and copied everything she did. We use to grow a big vegetable garden, man, was that hard work!

I remember working in her little green house that was built off the back of her home. I discovered my first cactus there, OUCH! I also learned a lot about life from her in that green house and I love her for every bit of it. I think about her often and miss her very much.

My grandma from my father’s side of the family was not so much into plants, but she was the one who inspired me to build my first stone patio at the age of 9. She had an old stone patio behind her kitchen window that I peeled every one of the rocks and piled them up. My dad wasn’t too happy when he seen that and busted my butt. Then grandma got onto him and told him my rock work was beautiful. I love that woman!

And that’s how it all started. I’ve been in the landscaping and masonry construction business for over 19 years and still love it.

My passion comes from turning a problem into something amazingly beautiful. I love seeing not only the relief from my customer’s eyes when I’ve fixed their problem, but the joy they have towards the final result. Priceless!